Get to know Wendy

What do you do at Home Property Lawyers?

I am the New Business Manager and together with my team we ensure that the conveyancing transaction gets off to a flying start. We do all of the initial calls to clients to explain the process and confirm their details and then proceed to open a file and send all of the documents to them to complete. We also deal with the incoming post, logging information and search results and generally assist the conveyancer with administration to help them progress the transaction.

What’s your career background?

I used to work in various administration positions with other companies and then I had the opportunity to come and work as a business analyst at Home Property Lawyers. I then progressed to Deputy New Business Manager and then on to my current position. I have been with the firm for the last 8 years.

Why conveyancing?

My role is varied and although I don’t deal with the technical matter, the conveyancing process is ever changing. I am involved with suggesting and implementing changes and then providing training to members of my team. There is always something new to learn and improve our processes.

What do you love about working at Home Property Lawyers?

There is a really good vibe working here and I love seeing my team progress. Some of my team are only with me for a few months before they are promoted and I enjoy giving them to knowledge to achieve this. All of the teams work together and we often have social events outside of work where all of the teams integrate.

What makes your house a home? 

My kids, it’s chaotic at times and they run me ragged but I love a noisy home with lots going on.