Get to know Bonnie

What do you do at Home Property Lawyers? 

I am part of the Management Team and manage the post-completion team, our Quoter and one Conveyancer.  I ensure that all purchase transactions that complete have the SDLT carried out within the timescales set by HMRC and all properties are registered at the Land Registry.

What’s your career background?

I have always worked in a Law firm, I left school in 1993 and started work as an Office Junior in a local Law Firm.  I progressed to a Legal Secretary in conveyancing and then went on to be a Conveyancer.  I left there in 2002 where I started my career path with Home Property Lawyers.  I initially was a conveyancer and then went on to be the Trainer within the department and then progressed to Managing the Admin Team.  I had a a short break of 13 months in 2012 when I had my daughter and retuned to the firm part-time but managing the post-completion Team.

Why conveyancing?

Within my role doing post-completion there often problem solving to be done in getting properties registered.  People often think that you complete on a property and it ends there and it really doesn’t.  I get real job satisfaction when I have had an on-going post-completion matter and we receive the completed registration from the Land Registry and our clients are the newly registered owners.

What do you love about working at Home Property Lawyers?

Team spirit, the conveyancing department at Home Property Lawyers is a large department and everyone is so friendly  and everyone works together as a team.

What makes your house a home?

My family and pets, I love arriving home to be greeted by my daughter, husband and our three pets.