Get to know Anne

What do you do at Home Property Lawyers?

I provide technical support to the Residential Conveyancing Team working remotely from home.  However, I’m in constant touch with the team which enables transactions to run as smoothly and quickly as possible and means that I’m always on hand to help when needed.

What’s your career background

I have many years’ experience in the residential conveyancing world, starting as an office junior then progressing to legal secretary, conveyancing executive, senior conveyancing executive and now recently joined Home Property Lawyers as a Technical Advisor.  I have extensive experience in all quarters of residential conveyancing such as freehold and leasehold sales and purchases, unregistered sales and purchases, new build properties and shared ownership to list but a few.

Why conveyancing?

I just love the fact that what I do helps clients attain their “dream home” as quickly and with as little stress as possible.  Although I now work behind the scenes by being a Technical Advisor the job is very satisfying but in a totally different way to being case handler.  What I really love is that sometimes you have to be the Miss Marple of the conveyancing world to solve some of the problems that come along and it is most satisfying once you have resolved them quickly and to the clients’ satisfaction.

What do you love about working at Home Property Lawyers?

What’s not to love?   Everyone has a good work ethic and from the moment I walked through the front door found the firm very welcoming.   We all work as one big team in residential conveyancing supporting each other as and when required.  There is a camaraderie within the team and everyone seems to gel with each other so well, that it’s more like working with good friends than work colleagues.   Residential conveyancing is hard work with the time pressures that are put upon you, but when you’re working with great people, and for a company that makes sure it looks after its employees, it makes it a joy to be working with them on a day to day basis.