Get to know Alexis

What do you do at Home Property Lawyers?

I am a conveyancing executive and deal with residential sale and purchase transactions.

What’s your career background?

I come from a very varied background in photography, graphic design and retail banking. Whilst mostly unrelated to residential law, this history has given me a unique insight into other elements of house buying and selling!

Why conveyancing?

I had recently bought my first house and our conveyancer and her assistant were brilliant; everything was quickly and thoroughly dealt with, and they were both very kind. When the opportunity arose, I thought how nice it might be to offer a similar experience to other people going through this major life-change.

What do you love about working at Home Property Lawyers?

The environment and the people; everyone is so quick to offer each other help and there’s always a laugh to be had, no matter how stressful the day. The copious amounts of cakes/treats that go through the office don’t hurt either.

What makes your house a home?

As an animal lover, my house would be too quiet without my pets.